Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 07 - Fan Animation

Fan Animation has made amazing advances over the past year as more individuals find that this is a project that they can don on a personal level that can approach the complexity of the larger live action fan film groups. You can have a cast of thousands, the most surreal sets imaginable and interact with creatures who would be impossible to recreate for live filming either by makeup and prosthetics or by animatronics and special effects.

Once again, this is a summary, a work-in-progress - I know there are some major productions that I have missed out - of the animations that have released episodes during 2011. As with the fan film listing, I have used the resources of BarbReader's comprehensive reference, Star Trek: Reviewed. I can't praise her work too highly, she works hard to deliver an invaluable service to fans all over the world.

Erika DeBenedictis' Trek Parodies
Animations utilising media ranging from paper cutouts to The Sims from the fertile mind of a young teen
2The Muddle with Moles - Aug 09 2011

Original Series storyline with an all-female crew, in conjunction with Star Trekz Empire, animated using Xtranormal State Plus
1Landing Party Decorum - Jul 12 2011

Animation set in the ST: Online universe
1Shakedown - May 28 2011

Star Track: The Animated Adventures
Matt Lamson Animations presents a series of cartoons based upon Golden Media Studios comedy series, Star Track

Star Trek Aurora
Groundbreaking 3D animation by Tim Vining featuring a small merchant starship during the Original Series period, run by a young woman with a horrifying past
5Star Trek Aurora, Part 5 - Nov 10 2011

Star Trek Reunion
Star Trek: Online machinima
1The Gathering Storm - Jul 01 2011

Star Trek: Recovery
Go!Animate characters used in a more serious production
6Cromwell's Shame - Nov 27 2011

Star Trek: Red Squad
Spectacular animation of space battles form a backdrop for intrigue in a post Nemesis universe
3The Charge - Apr 20 2011

Star Trekz Empire
Original series Klingon storyline, in conjunction with Fem Trekz, animated using Xtranormal State Plus
1Empire Screen Test - Sep 20 2011

Epic, three-season parody series of animations made using Go!Animate
Starmada Finale Part I - Dec 21 2011



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