Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 04 - Audio Drama

Audio drama in Star Trek has had a mixed year.

Some prductions which were expected to produce this year, noticeably Star Trek: Grissom and The new Section 31 Files have not appeared as expected. They haven't produced this year however I hesitate to lump them in with those which are in long term hiatus, so this year I have created two levels of hiatus: short-term and long-term to help the browser to see the difference between those which are truly resting and those that might have a problem being revived.

My feature this year is Star Trek: Eras whose annual Trekcast - a staple of The Twelve Trek Days of Christmas - addresses that problem.

As with all things, it is a personal choice. Quality is important, and in the case of Eras the custom-made, quality music from Matt Hallaran is nigh-unique, but there needs to be a point where you call a halt to your quest for perfection and say, "It's a wrap!" With all due respect to the makers of Star Trek: Exeter, they are, and always will be, held up as an example of a fan production that was effectively killed by the refusal of the producers to accept something which they deemed not up to an acceptable standard. Certainly it is their production and so their choice but it is everybody's loss.

I am one of those eternal optimists who never says that a project is ever dead, much like Homer Simpson chasing the flying pig crying, "It's still good! It's still good!" Occasionally the stake will be withdrawn from the heart of one of these productions to prove that there are no such things as burnt bridges. Voyages of the USS Angeles is a prime example of one that has done so and Star Fleet Renegades could be one that does so in the coming year.

New productions that should be going into production shortly

Mixed media project that will have full animated episodes as the pilot, mid-point and finale with four full-cast audiobook episodes in between, eight episodes in all. Three audio vignettes have been released.
Vignette 1: Ensign Daniel Park

In Production
Productions that have released one or more episodes during 2011

Henglaar, MD
Series based on the popular character from the fan film series ST: Hidden Frontier
HMD 1.01: Recalled To Life
HMD 1.02: Best Served Cold
HMD 1.03: Risk Factors
HMD 1.04: Good With Words
HMD 1.05: Profit Without Honor, Feb 22, 2011
HMD 1.06: Vector of Infection, Dec 5, 2011

Child-friendly audio drama from Misfits Audio: The adventures of Cpt Peter Rabbit in space!
1.5: Why

A ship and crew from the past are the answer to a deadly threat. Quality audio drama by Totally Creative Media
2.1: Earth Aug 27, 2011

Long-running, large ensemble cast present action and intrigue from Pendant Productions
33: Rifts
38: Echoes
41: Gambles
42: Oaths
43: Family
44: Haunted
46: Caged
51: History
53: Memory
58: Law

Unthinkable attrocities and secrets long buried are brought to life in a convoluted and gripping tale from Starship Excelsior
103: Wildfire

Star Trek: Federation Rebirth
Available on YouTube, from Shady Beach Productions, the same group that made the fan film, Star Trek: Requirius

Deep Space Three is a boring place... unless you include the pirates, the ferrengi, the ghosts, the mysterious, ancient archaeology... from Giant Gnome Productions
15: Ambush
31: Old Friends and Memories Dec 5, 2011

Voyages of the USS Angeles
The crew of the USS Angeles are re-united for more adventures! A continuation in audio of the seminal fan film series made in 1999 - 2000.
2x01: Duty's Betrayal Jan 31, 2011

Series Completed
productions which have completed their season and they have announced that they will not be producing any more shows. [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

Short-term Hiatus
Season not completed, nothing released or heard from in 2011 but production actively being pursued. Planned releases in 2012 [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

Taking listeners to new worlds and a universe which has only barely been explored, from Giant Gnome Productions. On temporary hiatus.
1: Things Not Seen Part 1 Sep 12, 2011

Long-term Hiatus
Season not completed, nothing released or heard from before 2011. No releases scheduled in 2012 [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]


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