Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 10 - Trek Modelling

It has been a very quiet year in Star Trek paper modelling, so rather than go through old listings, I thought I would put together a listing of websites where Star trek paper models can be found. Note that all the links are to the website's home page and that I start off the description with the subdirectory to look in for the trek models.

Billy’s World
Billy (missouri1981)
A mixture of his own work and Marc Robitaille's (Marc's Star Trek en papier site is down), from a Klingon D7 to the USS Daedalus

Blog do Péricles
Pericles (Gomidelfilho)
(Downloads – Descargas) In Portuguese, beautiful & varied subjects from Romulan Caracel Class to the Klingon D-4...

Clever PaperModel
Clever Santoro Lopes
(Star Trek) In Portuguese but with clear graphic instructions beautifully produced ships from the NX-01 & 02 to the Nova Class

CNC Design Studio
Chippy Chua
(Goods) Voyager and NCC 1701

Homespun Magixx
Steven Marshall
(Downloads / SciFi & Hakos) TMP Travelpod, Full-size Klingon Disruptor pistol...

Jay's Box of Sci-Fi CardToys
(Card Trek) From the Archer-class scoutship designed by Masao Okazaki for the Star Trek: Vanguard book series to the Multi-Vector Assault ship, USS Prometheus...

Forum Community
(Star Trek) Mostly mirror's of models from existing sites from designer's such as Diego Cortes, Gomidefilho, Paragon & Jan Rükr...

Paragon Papermodels
James Gemperline
(Star Trek) Everything from fanversions of what the reboot Enterprise should have looked like to Doug Drexler's USS Enterprise NX-01 Season Five Refit

The Lower Hudson Valley E-Gift Shop
Jon Leslie
(Models For Download / Science Fictions) Bridge models of the Enterprise 1701-D,E s well as the original...

Ulrich Prahn's Star Trek Cardboard Models
Ulrich Prahn / Oliver Götz
Shuttles El-Baz & Magellan, SS Botany Bay...

Zealot Hobby Forum
Forum Community
(Downloads / Hakos & Movies, TV shows and Games / Star Trek, membership req'd) Dozens of models ranging from the obscure (Galor/Keldon class) & whimsical (BCC Magnatize) to the classic (Space Station K-7) & modern (JJ Trek's Enterprise)

  • Domatine, who previously had a Surak class, has a new website that does not show this model.
  • Marc Robitaille's Star Trek en papier site is down although some of his designs can still be found on the old Billy’s World website
  • CNC Design Studio is the new home for Chippy Chua's Repap Models


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